Therapeutic Breathwork with Pam Goldsmith – Podcast

Full, free breathing is one of the most powerful keys to enhancing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Conscious Breathwork is a powerful healing modality using conscious breath to let go of old thought patterns and create a shift in consciousness. Conscious Breath Therapy is a technique that breaks up unconscious, restricted breathing patterns and triggers a natural process of cleansing and relaxation that dissolves blocks in our energy to improve emotional balance and awareness. 

In this episode we talk to Pam, from Inner Light Counseling, about her journey with Breathwork and her professional perspectives on spirituality and breathwork. We also discuss how breathwork can complement the more traditional forms of psychotherapy together with breathwork’s effectiveness in processing trauma. 

Find out more about the 6-Step Conscious Breathwork Process here

To find out more about Pam and her work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and breathwork facilitator visit Inner Light Counseling

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