Epiphany – June 15 Community Meet-Up

In ancient Greek epiphany means to reveal or to have a striking visitation from a god being – it is an inspiration and an understanding that floods our consciousness.

Dionysos is the God of Epiphany – commonly known to be the god wine, winemaking, grape cultivation, fertility, ritual madness, theatre, and religious ecstasy. This is often interpreted superficially as the god of drunkenness, but this misses Dionysos’ deeper being, that is the god of altered states and it is through altered states that we are able to reach an epiphany.

We as a society have become overdependent on facts and science, placing less value on intuitive knowing, the knowing from an inner insight or from the intuitive realm, the realm of myth which is where we encounter epiphany. Epiphany is not something we can summon at will, epiphany is something we have to wait for, but we can prepare space for epiphany to arrive. We can shape a life that is open to, and ready for, epiphany.

Meditation and breathwork are ways to open that space. This week we discuss epiphany and how to open ourselves up to these experiences.

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