The Building Blocks of Tarot

Learn To Read The Tarot

The Tarot provides a Map of Life which is a doorway to the deepest wisdom and the most transformative spiritual mysteries.

The Tarot is perfect in its form and design, since it is a microcosm of the Universe. It integrates the qualities of the Archetypal realm, the Five Elements, Numerology and Astrology into a coherent system. Its correspondences and associations are endless - a reflection of the workings of all Creation.

A Tarot building block is a basic unit such as a symbol, number or element. Building blocks - like letters of the alphabet or bricks in a house – are combined to create a new entity. The whole is greater than the mere combination of the individual parts.

The combination and synthesis of the building blocks provides the signification of the card. Understanding how the meaning is derived allows a true comprehension of the cards and precludes learning the cards by rote.

The Building Blocks method is simple and easy, involving hardly any memorisation. This course is user friendly without losing sight of the mystery, magic and symbolic richness that the Tarot represents.

In working with building blocks we are not trying to reduce the Tarot to a facile system, nor do we seek to demystify, simplify or rationalise it. The building blocks are in themselves based in the mystery of all Creation, but are rendered “bite-sized”, making it easier to grasp in the beginning than the more complex combinations.

The Building Blocks of Tarot is an evergreen course, delivered over 8 weeks - you choose how quickly you progress.

It  includes:

  • 24 detailed modules taught over 8 weeks
  • Over 10 hours of video lectures and explanations
  • Audio content and meditation 
  • a detailed 129-page downloadable manual 
  • weekly quiz exercises and flashcards to support learning 
  • an interactive closed social media group for students to interact and share experiences with each other and post questions  to the instructor

Week 1 - Introduction

  • Introduction to the course
  • The Building Blocks method
  • History
  • Archetypes
  • Metaphysical principles
  • Tarot cards readings
  • Choosing your deck
  • Getting to know the cards

Week 2 - The Major Arcana Part I

  • The Story of the Major Arcana 
  • Correspondence mandalas
  • Storytelling with the cards

Week 3 - The Major Arcana Part II

  • The Major Arcana: card by card
  • Spread: 3-card spread

Week 4 - The Minor Arcana Part I

  • The 4 elements
  • Tarot numbers
  • Working with keywords
  • Numerology mandala
  • Spread: ‘Yes-No’ questions

Week 5 - The Minor Arcana Part II

  • The Minor Arcana: card by card
  • Spread: The Basic Spread

Week 6 - The Court Cards Part I

  • The Courtiers
  • Keywords and phrases

Week 7 - The Court Cards Part II

  • The Court Cards: card by card
  • Spread: simple relationship spread

Week 8 - Conclusion

  • The Building Blocks of Astrology - season, element, ruling planet
  • Synthesis - reading synthesis;
  • synthesis within a card - themes

Anybody can work with the Tarot.
It is a tool to develop the intuition as well as an interaction with the workings of All-That-Is. The Building Blocks method provides an easy to follow system by which to understand the workings of the Tarot, and to synthesise the constituent parts into a meaningful whole.

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