Tarot as a Tool for Divination

The Tarot is a microcosm of the Universe. It is also a system of divination, which seeks to bring self-knowledge and insight into the Client’s life.

A reading is an interaction between the Reader and the Client or ‘Querant’. The system in which the Querant places his or her faith will ultimately be the one that gives most success.

The Tarot is one of many systems of divination. Others include the I Ching, the Ogham Alphabet and the Runes. Techniques like the reading of tea leaves, dice and the fall of bones are also commonly used for prediction and gaining self-knowledge. Our personal realities – the people and events in our lives - can also be read symbolically (like any other system), although it is often simpler to gain knowledge from a summarised or microcosmic reading.

Tools of divination include cards, objects, or events, which are used to examine the situation at hand. When organised into a system, this creates an ‘alphabet’ with which the Diviner can work. An alphabet is a structure from which individual letters are taken to make up words that have individual and specific meanings. Similarly, the Tarot employs cards (like letters) to make up a reading (the words).

A Tarot reading represents an issue in microcosm. In other words, the reading provides a summary (microcosm) of the Querant’s life and circumstances (macrocosm). As an insight into the Querant’s life-situation, it is a symbolic representation.

In this course we will cover several Tarot spreads in-depth, from the traditional spreads, like the Celtic Cross, to spreads developed by Jacques, such as the 6-Month Spread. This will allow you to understand how the cards interact and work together. A spread isn't just about understanding what the different card positions are, a spread relates to understanding the deeper theme and being able to convey that to your client.

The most difficult aspect of a Tarot reading is the integration, pulling together all the different aspects to create a coherent reading. In this course we will give you many examples of how to read, so that the information becomes clear and easily decipherable. This is supplemented by quizzes that help you understand the process of giving a Tarot reading.

We will teach you how to create the space to do readings (in person or telephonic) for other people.

We will also look at Tarot as a Tool for Magic. Using Tarot as a Tool for Divination, we receive the cards in a passive sense. When we work with the Tarot as an active tool for creating our reality we choose the archetypes to create the reality that we want. The Magic Spread then becomes a tool for manifestation.

Tarot as a Tool for Divination begins on July 28 2020 and is delivered over 6 weeks - you choose how quickly you progress.

It  includes:

  • 32  modules taught over 6 weeks
  • Over 6 hours of video lectures and explanations
  • 7 classic and exclusive spreads
  • a detailed downloadable manual 
  • weekly quiz exercises to support learning 
  • an interactive closed social media group for students to interact and share experiences with each other and post questions  to the instructor

*A basic Knowledge of the Tarot is necessary for this course - If you are new to The Tarot we recommend you begin with THe Building Blocks of Tarot course - or contact Us to discuss your experience with the Tarot

Session 1

  • Course Introduction
  • Metaphysical Principals
  • How a Reading Works
  • Synthesis Part I
  • Synthesis Part II
  • The Reading Space
  • Opening the Space
  • Selecting Cards
  • Distance Readings
  • Tarot Hygiene
  • Ethics
  • The Basic Spread
  • The Yes or No spread

Session 2

  • The Celtic Cross Spread Part I
  • The Celtic Cross Spread Part II 
  • The Current Issue Spread Part I
  • The Current Issue Spread Part II

Session 3

  • The Alchemy Spread Part I
  • The Alchemy Spread Part II
  • The Alchemy Spread Part III
  • The Houses of Astrology spread Part I
  • The Houses of Astrology spread Part II

Session 4

  • The Relationship Spread PArt I
  • The Relationship Spread PArt II
  • The 6-Month Spread Part I
  • The 6-Month Spread Part II

Session 5

  • Associations of the Major Arcana
  • Archetypes Activated I
  • Archetypes Activated II

Session 6

  • Introduction to Magic
  • The Magic spread Part I
  • The Magic spread Part II

Anybody can work with the Tarot.
It is a tool to develop intuition as well as an interaction with the workings of All-That-Is.
The Book of Floating Pages teaches an easy to follow system by which to understand the workings of the Tarot, and to synthesise the constituent parts into a meaningful whole.

Tarot as a Tool for divination 


*The course starts on July 28. The content is delivered over the course of 6 weeks and you proceed at your own pace - 

*the content is delivered weekly, you decide when you start and when you finish.

*Content is available for 12 months - The manual is yours to keep

*If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will arrange a refund.