Spiritual Practice

The Spiritual Practices Course allows you to develop your own approach to spirituality

This course in Spiritual Practice is a means to:

  • To access the mystery, magic and miracles of the celestial realm
  • To go deeper in your rituals and spiritual connection
  • To understand and apply processes of purification and empowerment through the elements
  • To contain and more effectively manifest your dreams and desires in the world
Cultivating a Sacred Space in our lives helps us to be grounded, clear and inspired by a vision for the path ahead.

In times of uncertainty it is all too easy to succumb to meaninglessness, depression and anxiety. Opening ourselves, in a practical way, to the divine allows us to access the magic and miracles of the world and also helps us more effectively manifest our dreams and desires that we may live fuller lives with purpose and integrity.

The approach of this course is non-sectarian, non-religious and allows you to develop spiritual practices according to your own beliefs.

It offers instructional videos, guided audio processes and meditations as well as a step-by-step visualisation process to develop an inner world of spiritual connection and protection.

Spiritual Practice Session Outlines

Session I

  • Introduction
  • The Seven Elements
  • Purifications
  • Creating an Altar
  • Audio Process: Stepping in to Sacred Space
  • The element of Earth
  • Earth & the Seven Elements Visualisation
  • Audio Visualisation I: Earth & the Seven Elements

Session II

  • Symbols, Religion & Spirituality
  • Spiritual Protection
  • Sacralising the Altar
  • Burnt Offerings
  • Audio Process: Burnt Offerings
  • The Element of Fire
  • Fire & The Seven Elements Visualisation
  • Audio Visualisation II: Fire & the Seven  Elements 

Session III

  • Prayer I - Introduction
  • Prayer II - The Asking Aspect of Prayer
  • Prayer III - Prayer as Gratitude
  • Audio Process: Prayer Ritual
  • The Element of Water
  • Water & the Seven Elements Visualisation
  • Audio Visualisation III: Water & the Seven Elements

Session IV

  • Types of Meditation
  • Flow in Life
  • Audio Meditation: Reflective Meditation
  • The element of Air
  • Air & the Seven elements Visualisation
  • Audio Visualisation IV: Air & the Seven Elements

Session V

  • Processing Meditation
  • Audio Meditation: Processing Meditation
  • cutting cords
  • Building spiritual Alliance
  • Quintessence / The Fifth Element
  • Quintessence & the Seven Elements Visualisation
  • Audio Visualisation V: Quintessence & the Seven Elements

 Session VI

  • Prayer Pot
  • Audio Process: Prayer Pot
  • The sixth Element: Divinity
  • Divinity & the Seven Elements Visualisation
  • Audio Visualisation VI: Divinity & the Seven Elements 

Session VII

  • Continuing Visualisation
  • Closing

Spiritual Practice Course Content

In the instructional videos we:

  • Provide explanations for all the processes on offer
  • Cover the theory of how spiritual practice works
  • Explore the importance of ritual and the Seven Elements
  • Give guidance in creating and working with your altar and a prayer mat

In our guided audio recordings we:

  • Take you through different processes step-by-step. 
  • Cover the creation of sacred space with the Five Elements and Directions
  • Provide a prayer process to develop your own prayer ritual
  • Explain the cutting of energetic cords that tie us to trauma or toxic relationships
  • Develop spiritual alliances with chosen divinities and ways to invoke God/Goddess into our lives

In the "Seven Element Visualisation Process" we:

  • Create a spiritual container that inspires and protects you and helps you build the vision to 
  • consciously manifest your potential in the world
  • Combine this with conscious breathwork - this method is a simple yet powerful means to make your meditation practice more profound

*This course has a dedicated WhatsApp group for direct interaction with the instructor, Jacques, for questions and sharing your experiences.

Develop Your Spiritual Practice 

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