​​​​22 Day Manifestation Process

22 Steps to Manifesting your dreams...

The “22-Day Manifestation Process” is a journey; on it, you can start to rehearse and act out what it would be like to walk your new life. This is a way to clarify, practice and test your intentions in the “real” world.

During this process we will work through the 22 cards of the Tarot Major Arcana - Each of the 22 cards relates to a stage in the map of life. We will explain the meanings of each Tarot card as we progress, as well as offering exercises to bring each of these stages to life.

The archetypes of the Tarot will reflect your process not only in what you do actively, but in the sorts of events that occur in your reality. 

Most people know the Tarot as a tool for receiving a reading. More significantly, it is a “Book of Floating Pages” that uses the power of certain archetypes to invoke what you desire. The cards are lenses, beaming specific energies in from the divine realm.

The Tarot is thus a book of magic and miracles...

For the 22 cards of this process, you will work to define and manifest your Holy Grail - by feeling, seeing and experiencing it. That way, it may become real.

You will only be able to reach the Grail once you have a real sense of it.

As you “walk your talk” through the Tarot’s Major Arcana, you will gain greater familiarity with your divine self, as well as having more awareness of the patterns that prevent self-realisation.

Only when you understand how you limit yourself, can you bring about real transformation.

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