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Our comprehensive and easily accessible courses are supported by video lectures, detailed manuals, quizzes, flash cards and online interaction


Our Process guide participants, step-by-step, through transformational journeys.

The Building Blocks of Tarot - The Major Arcana

Our comprehensive foundation course exploring and understanding The Tarot

The Tarot is perfect in its form and design, since it is a microcosm of the Universe. It integrates the qualities of the Archetypal realm, the Five Elements, Numerology and Astrology into a coherent system. Its correspondences and associations are endless - a reflection of the workings of all Creation.

A Tarot building block is a basic unit such as a symbol, number or element. Building blocks are combined to create a new entity. The whole is greater than the mere combination of the individual parts.

The combination and synthesis of the building blocks provides the signification of the card. Understanding how the meaning is derived allows a true comprehension of the cards and precludes learning the cards by rote.

Tarot as a Tool for Divination

The Tarot is a microcosm of the Universe. It is also a system of divination, which seeks to bring self-knowledge and insight into the Client’s life.

The most difficult aspect of a Tarot reading is the integration, pulling together all the different aspects to create a coherent reading. In this course we will give you many examples of how to read, so that the information becomes clear and easily decipherable.

We will teach you how to create the space to do readings (in person or telephonic) for other people.

We will also look at Tarot as a Tool for Magic and Manifestation

The 6-Step Conscious Breathwork Process

This Conscious Breathwork Process is for you to purify your being and to expand your awareness through conscious breathing.

Over 24 days we will explore 6 main breathwork techniques via audio breathwork recordings as well as videos providing theory and instruction.

This programme is a means to familiarise yourself with various breathwork techniques and benefit from the deep healing and insight that Breathwork brings.

The 22 Day Manifestation Process

A path to creating the life you desire according to the timeless wisdom of the Tarot.

This step-by-step programme of manifestation and magic. Each of the 22 steps of this process offers a different facet of the Major Arcana, which, as a whole, creates a “Map of Life” that is consistent with the “Hero’s Journey”.

Spiritual Practice

The Spiritual Practices Course allows you to develop your own approach to spirituality

Cultivating a Sacred Space in our lives helps us to be grounded, clear and inspired by a vision for the path ahead.

This course in Spiritual Practice is a means to:
To access the mystery, magic and miracles of the celestial realm
To go deeper in your rituals and spiritual connection
To understand and apply processes of purification and empowerment through the elements
To contain and more effectively manifest your dreams and desires in the world

More courses coming soon....