Podcast – Conscious Breathwork

As we put the finishing touches on The Book of Floating Pages’ Conscious Breathwork Process, Jacques Theron and I connect to explore conscious breathwork.

In this episode, we discuss Jacques’ early introduction to breathwork and how it revolutionised his spiritual journey, taking him from a cognitive understanding of spirituality to a lived, felt experience of the divine. 

We discuss what it takes to create shifts and bring about transformation in our lives by accessing the healer within us through trance, and how breathwork is a potent tool for activating this inner-healer. Through this conscious experience, we can use the breath to breakdown inhibiting belief structures and embed new affirmations.

As the breath is directly linked to our brainwaves, conscious breathwork takes us from our typical, shallow beta-state to a more relaxed alpha-state where inspiration and creativity reside. Beyond that, we can use breathwork to enter the deeper meditative states of delta and then theta where the body restores itself and autonomic functions can be affected. Breathwork is a way we can change our brainwaves and subsequently how we experience the world. 

We also look at the evolution of breathwork and the new techniques that have emerged over the last few decades, discussing meditative practices that have led to the more recent therapeutic practices of holotropic breathwork, rebirthing and ecstatic breathwork. 

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