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This month we will explore the New Paradigm through BreathworkMeet-Ups and Manifestation and launch our new course in Tarot – Tarot as a Tool for Divination

If we assume that humanity stands at a crossroads, we could say that the “Old Paradigm” is headed for even more civil unrest, warfare and economic collapse – truly a dystopian “worst case scenario”.

The New Paradigm is a reality that already exists as a potential – one built on love, light and truth.

Now is the time to consciously choose where we place our focus and energy.

July 11 Breathwork Session 

Cultivating The New Paradigm

This is the prelude to the 22 Day Manifestation Process – Visioning the New World

In these times of transition and uncertainty, it appears that humanity has the choice on the one hand of economic collapse (and all the upheaval that entails), or to cultivate the vision of a better world.

Through this process, we will enter the reality of the New Paradigm – based in love, light and truth – and from that place, breathe the energies of this chosen reality in order to anchor it as a future memory.

This technique goes beyond theory; it involves a visceral experience of the New Paradigm. 

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July 13 Community Meet-Up

Choosing The Light & The Hero’s Journey

In these times of change, it is important to choose the light, which includes goodness and love.

The Hero’s Journey is a template for personal and spiritual growth, and is beautifully expressed through the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

In this session we will explore some of the lessons held in this story, to help us grow into the light.

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July 15 – Manifestation Process Begins

Visioning the New Paradigm

The Old Paradigm has run its course. We consciously need to choose the New Paradigm, to cultivate the qualities that it represents in ourselves in order to live it.

The 22 Day process gives an experience of all the different facets of what is necessary for us to manifest our desires.

On the back of the standard “22-Day Process” that follows the Life Map of the Tarot, this special group will focus as a collective on building the synergy necessary to move into the New Paradigm.

Jacques will provide additional orientation and material to develop this specific group intention.

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July 25 – Lecture 

Introduction to Tarot as a Tool for Divination

This first lecture in the Tarot as a Tool for Divination is a live online session – get a glimpse into what this course is about

Duration: 60 minutes 

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July 28 – Tarot Course Begins

Tarot as a Tool for Divination

The Tarot is a microcosm of the Universe.  It is also a system of divination, which seeks to bring self-knowledge and insight into the Client’s life.  

A reading is an interaction between the Reader and the Client or ‘Querant’.  The system in which the Querant places his or her faith will ultimately be the one that gives most success.

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