The Book of Floating Pages
offers metaphysical teachings and transformational processes

Our purpose is to make the unconscious more conscious. 

We become conscious when we realise we can choose how our existence is to be.

Through our transformational processes and self-development courses we offer tools to support personal growth and deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world. 

We as humans need belief in something to give our lives direction. Belief in a Higher Power - ranging from the Truth to the Divine - takes us beyond our egos. What we give belief to, organises our lives and how we manifest our world.

Our process are easily accessible instruments that require no previous experience, succinctly guiding people through revelatory experiences. 

About us

Jacques Theron

Jacques was born in Australia in 1971. He has degrees in architecture (B.Bdg.A), psychology/languages (B.A) and French Literature at the Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (France) and has also worked as a ceramicist, artist and writer.

Since 1996 he has trained extensively in Conscious Breathwork, Astrology, mythology and Tarot.

“The Building Blocks of Tarot ” (a book explaining the symbolism of the Tarot cards) and “Healing Doorways ” (a visualisation CD) were both released in 2004. In 2007 he published the “Classical Mythology Deck,“ which he illustrated and conceived. The latter is a set of 90 cards covering the principle gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman pantheon.

Jacques first walked the pilgrimage to Santiago-de-Compostela in Spain in July 2001. The experience was so life changing that he now runs a facilitated spiritual process along this ‘Camino’ with other pilgrims almost every year.

He currently lives in São Paulo (Brazil), travelling regularly to South Africa, Europe and the USA.

Andrew Arnott

Andrew was born in South Africa. He has an English Literature and Sociology degree from the University of Cape Town and is studying a postgraduate certification in Design of Mindfulness Based Applications.

Andrew’s career has engaged in software design, experience design, music management and writing. 

His spiritual path has followed eastern wisdom teachings with extended travels in India and Nepal and the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Andrew joined Jacques on the pilgrimage to Santiago-de-Compostela in 2018.

He spends his time between London and Cape Town with extensive travels through Europe, Asia and South America.

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