A Vision for the Future – June 1 Community Meet-Up

This is a very powerful time of re-visioning, of making decisions within ourselves concerning what world we want to move into.

What is our vision and in what ways are our old behaviours no longer valid?

Whereas the Justice card in the Tarot is concerned with a horizontal justice, the Temperance card speaks to a vertical justice, a balance between the spiritual world and the physical world. It takes us beyond the duality of this world, connecting us to a higher frequency and changing our connection to the denser emotions, thoughts and belief systems within ourselves so we can transcend them and align ourselves with Truth.

This week we work with the Violet Flame of Saint Germain visualisation to help shift through difficult aspects within ourselves and within our lives. The energy of the violet flame is transmutation and the highest frequency. As most of our fears are based on low frequency, and in darkness, introducing light into darkness, or a high frequency into a lower frequency, dispels that darkness.

The card for the week is Hypnos, the God of Sleep & Dreams – restoring vitality and bringing inspiration from the Otherworld via dreams.

Take heed of the importance of sleep. Rest restores body and spirit: you may be over-taxing your system; your body needs to regenerate.
Important messages or very evocative images are coming to you in the dream state. Take note of your dreams and learn from them.

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