44 Breaths

The 44 Breaths – Breathwork Exercise

The “44 Breaths” is a quick, simple and focused method of “turbo-charging” any meditation or visualisation process.

Run through One Cycle (see below) several times to enter a deeper state of consciousness, then use it to maintain your frequency.

One cycle consists of:

                    7                   7 deep breaths

             7     +    7            14 medium breaths

      7     +    7     +    7     21 fast breaths

                    1                   Retention on the Inhale (hold in for about 1 minute)

                    1                   Retention on the Exhale (hold out for about 20


Using the Transitional Breath Process between cycles will intensify the effect on your meditation.

The Transitional Breath

The Transitional Breath creates a shifting point between the various cycles of breathwork.

The process:

•     Exhale, then inhale deeply, filling your lungs and holding your breath in.

•     Retain the inhale. Top up the air in your lungs, if necessary. Try to hold the inhale for about one minute or more.

•     While holding your breath in, tense your perineum (the muscle between the anus and genitals), sending vital energy up your spine, connecting to your crown, and beyond.

•     Using the energy generated by your spinal axis, send your consciousness down into the Underworld, or up into the Celestial Realm… or… extending towards the Light (below or above).

•     Breathe out… Breathe in again…

•     Then exhale, keeping your lungs empty. Try to hold the breath out for about 20 seconds.

•     Tense your perineum. Send your energy down or up. This out-breath is symbolic of a little death… when you inhale again, symbolically you will be reborn.

•     Breathe in… flooding your being with divine life-force energy.

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