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The Tarot - Major Arcana Course

A Path of Transformation

The Path of Transformation is an Individual One.

Fortunately, we have Illuminating Maps to Show the Way. 

The inner path is one of exploration and revelation. The outer path requires conscious work in transforming beliefs and behaviours; then cultivating our vision and potential in the world.

Alchemy is the science of accelerated transformation - which, despite common misperception, is above all else the process of turning “base matter” into “spiritual gold”. That is, bringing unconsciousness into the light of divinely inspired self-awareness.

It Takes 22 Days to Transform Your Life

Changing your life can be simple - you just need a map to show the way. 

Following the “Map of Life” as laid out by the Tarot, this programme draws on powerful archetypes to help you manifest your future vision. 

Instruction videos, daily audio explanations and practical “real-world” exercises make the process of manifestation easily attainable. 

You will see tangible shifts in your life. 


By breathing deeply and consciously, we can enter trance in a safe way. The ensuing altered state allows us to explore the wisdom and potential within.

Breathwork brings: 

- relaxation and stress relief

- balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit

- deep meditation without needing to “concentrate”

- insight, inspiration and vision

- access to the “Future Self” via more advanced techniques that align you with your chosen reality

Develop Your Spiritual Practice

Most people WANT to practice their spirituality in a profound way, but do not know HOW.

Spiritual practice creates a container by which to intensify your connection to the Divine. It also helps ground, inspire and build future vision.

More than a theoretical course, this programme provides guided audio processes you can follow step-by-step - such as ”cutting cords”, ritual prayer, making “burnt offerings”, building spiritual alliances and much more.

Tarot The Sun

The Tarot

Your Own Map of Life

Have you ever wanted a guidebook that provides spiritual answers?

The Tarot cards consist such a book: the text is written in picture-symbols… on “floating pages”. 

As a profound “Map of Life”, the Tarot can be read on many levels: it lays out the stages of your growth, or offers guidance day to day.

Our courses teach the Tarot via the “building blocks system”, whereby you understand the constituent parts (and do not need to memorise each card parrot-fashion).

The Book of Floating Pages is dedicated to facilitating transformation via the techniques of conscious breathwork, spiritual practices and manifestation processes.  

Our platform offers instruction courses and transformational processes to help demystify the inner Mysteries, while never losing sight of the magic.

See what our students have to say...

Thank you to everyone involved in this process. It has being so full of everything. Jacques and the team, thank you for sharing such a powerful technology and guiding us all the way.... I have received so much already. So So much.... thank you. Thank all of YOU.... i can't wait for you to start the next one. All my love


Thank you Jacques for making this process possible! I have felt a number of very significant shifts occur in the last few weeks! So grateful for the opportunity to participate and learn. So much gratitude.


This journey is worth every minute of effort...you will be transformed in some way...guaranteed!!! Thank you so much Jacques and Andy for making the Process available to us. Deep gratitude.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this manifestation process.  All of the time and energy put in to make it all possible is greatly appreciated.  Much love.  Godspeed


This journey came just at the right time for me, in the exact 22 day lead up to my trip to the south of France to follow the Songlines. Thank you Jacques and team for helping me remember that I can bring spiritual processes into my everyday life without making any more excuses.


I am also incredibly grateful to Jacques and the team for putting this process together and for guiding so many people on this magical journey!