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Discover the Infinite Wisdom of the Tarot

Learn to read the Tarot and unlock your

intuition through our online courses

Anybody can work with the Tarot. 

It is a tool to develop the intuition as well as an interaction with the workings of All-That-Is.

We teach a Building Blocks method that provides an easy to follow system to understand the workings of the Tarot, and to synthesise the constituent parts into a meaningful whole.

The Building Blocks Method

A Tarot building block is a basic unit such as a symbol, number or element.Building blocks - like letters of the alphabet or bricks in a house – are combined to create a new entity. The whole is greater than the mere combination of the individual parts.

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The Tarot is Perfect 

... in its form and design since it is a microcosm of the Universe. It integrates the qualities of the Archetypal realm, the Five Elements, Numerology and Astrology into a coherent system. Its correspondences and associations are endless - a reflection of the workings of all Creation.

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The imagery and power of the Tarot is based in the archetypes, which are Universal Truths expressed in symbolic and condensed form. Archetypes influence the human psyche on varying levels of consciousness and unconsciousness.

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About the Tarot

The Tarot card system, 

which has been called a Book of Floating Pages, 

is a Map of Consciousness as well as a path of spirituality.

The Tarot provides a Map of Life which is a doorway to the deepest wisdom & the most transformative spiritual mysteries. 

It is a symbolic representation of human consciousness, and a reflection the physical Universe and mysteries of ‘God’ or Great Spirit.

The Tarot can link kabbalistic mysticism and alchemy with the polytheistic gods, including Celtic, Græco-Roman, Native American, Chinese, and Indian systems. The cards may represent connections with the signs of the Zodiac and planets, as well as with totem animals and healing plants.

The Tarot is not just a deck of colorful pictures, but a consciousness that is alive, has a sense of humor, and responds directly to your moods and intentions.

The Tarot is also a tool of divination and a support for self-development. It integrates the following aspects into a coherent system:

  • The archetypes of consciousness, representing psycho-spiritual states
  • The four elements (earth, water, air and fire) and seasons
  • Numerology
  • Astrology

The B​​​​uilding blocks Method

to Learning The Tarot

The Book of Floating Pages courses teach the Building Blocks method - which is simple and easy, involving hardly any memorization. The courses are user friendly without losing sight of the mystery, magic and symbolic richness that the Tarot represents.

A Tarot building block is a basic unit such as a symbol, number or element.

Building blocks - like letters of the alphabet or bricks in a house – are combined to

create a new entity. The whole is greater than the mere combination of the

individual parts.

See what our students have to say...

Thank you to everyone involved in this process. it has being so full of everything. Jacques and the team, Thank you for sharing such a powerful technology and guiding us all the way.... I have received so much already. So So much.... thank you. Thank all of YOU.... i can't wait for you to start the next one. all my love


Thank you Jacques for making this process possible! I have felt a number of very significant shifts occur in the last few weeks! So grateful for the opportunity to participate and learn. So much gratitude


This journey is worth every minute of effort...you will be transformed in some way...guaranteed!!! Thank you so much Jacques and Andy for making the Process available to us. Deep gratitude.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this manifestation process.  All of the time and energy put in to make it all possible is greatly appreciated.  Much love.  Godspeed


This journey came just at the right time for me, in the exact 22 day lead up to my trip to the south of France to follow the Songlines. Thank you Jacques and team for helping me remember that I can bring spiritual processes into my everyday life without making any more excuses.


I am also incredibly grateful to Jacques and the team for putting this process together and for guiding so many people on this magical journey! 


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