the 22 Day Manifestation Process

Jacques Theron will facilitate this step-by-step programme of manifestation and magic, which offers a path to creating the life you desire according to the timeless wisdom of the Tarot. Each of the 22 steps of this process offers a different facet of the Major Arcana, which, as a whole, creates a “Map of Life” that is consistent with the “Hero’s Journey”.

The following principle is central to this Manifestation Process

“The steps to getting there, are the qualities of being there...” (Lazaris)

If we define “there” as your intention  - the Holy Grail of your personal Hero’s Journey - this saying implies that you need to rehearse what you intend to become NOW, in your daily life. You will only be able to reach the Holy Grail once you know what you want, are open to living it, and have the eyes to see it. “Seeing” implies being able to accept your divine potential, as well as the patterns that prevent self-realisation. Only when you understand how you limit yourself, can you bring about transformation.


By signing up for this process, you will receive:

- links to weekly Orientation Videos that outline and clarify the process...

- a daily email outlining the Card of the Day, upon which the manifestation exercises will be based...

- your Card of the Day will include the Tarot image, interpretive explanation and related practical exercises. This includes an audio discussion of the day’s process, as well as the Tarot image, interpretive explanation and related practical exercises.

- access to a dedicated Floating Pages community for group interaction and Jacques' feedback

- the full Manifestation Process creates a synergy greater than the sum of the individual parts - so prepare yourself for more transformation in your life. 


* The next 22 Day Manifestation Process will run again in early 2020.


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